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As an Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider Leesys is offering design and production of electronic devices and systems, inspection and testing of devices, electronic and plastic parts from one source under the same roof, assembly of devices and logistics services up to after sales services.


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MX Award

The Manufacturing Excellence Award (MX Award) is a benchmarking competition that recognizes best practices from manufacturing companies.

Maintaining and securing added value in Germany - the MX Manufacturing Excellence activities are dedicated to this objective every year. Supporting companies in coping with the challenges, stimulating their self-analysis process and showing them strengths and successful solutions is the main read more...

SCHAU REIN! LOOK INSIDE! - Saxony's largest initiative for career orientation - started this year's round in March 2020. And Leesys was participating again.

At the beginning of March 2020, it was necessary to find out whether electronics technicians for process engineering or process mechanics for plastics and rubber technology could be the dream job of some young people at the events as part of the "SCHAU REIN!" initiative. read more...

Leesys Resource Protection Certificate 2019

In order for our planet earth to be worth living for today and for future generations, today's production methods, lifestyles and resource consumption must be re-evaluated. Leesys recycling activities save a large amount of valuable primary resources and greenhouse gases each year.


selective soldering line "Clever Claus"

Due to the continuing trend towards miniaturization of assemblies, more and more products are being developed from the classic THT layout to the reflowable SMT assembly. What remains are a few THT components that have to be soldered in after the reflow process because they are not available in SMT form or are disproportionately more expensive than the corresponding wired component. Most of these are components with special shapes or read more...

Leesys is applying for the "edward" 2020

Also in 2020 the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Leipzig (Industrie- und Handelskammer IHK zu Leipzig) awards the "edward" - the education award of the Leipzig economic region. It recognizes companies in the IHK district of Leipzig that are above average committed to professional orientation as well as basic and advanced training.

Forum Automotive Logistics - Leesys as excursion destination

The Automotive Logistics Forum of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V., VDA) and the Federal Logistics Association (Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V., BVL) is the annual meeting point for logisticians and supply chain managers of manufacturers (OEM) and suppliers as well as automobile experts from logistics, IT and packaging , service and consulting companies.
With to the motto: “

"Plastic meets electronics 2020" at Leesys

For the first time the specialist conference "Plastic meets electronics" took place in Leipzig on January 29 and 30, 2020, organized by the Kunststoff-Zentrum Leipzig gGmbH (KUZ). The KUZ invited experts and exhibitors to discuss current developments, requirements and points of contact in the plastics and electrical engineering industries.

With the Saxon high-tech network Silicon Saxony e. V. as a cooperation partner, there was read more...

Leesys's trainees hold a certificate in their hands

At the end of January, three graduates in Electronics Engineering for Operating Technology celebrated the successful completion of their professional training at Leesys.
A varied program was offered to 200 guests in Leipzig's KUBUS, presented to family, friends and trainers of the graduates. As every year, photo impressions from the training period provided a lot of joy for the graduates. The highlight of the evening, however, was read more...


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Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) at Leesys

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) is the contract manufacturing of electronic assemblies and systems. All necessary processes are covered by the EMS service provider, from material procurement to printed circuit board assembly (SMD assembly, THT assembly), automatic optical inspection (AOI), electrical testing, programming, component and device assembly, end-of-line functional testing, logistics and after-sales services.
Many EMS providers continue to evolve into E2MS providers (Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services) by building up their own development department to offer additional electronics development and hardware design services.


Electronics development, PCB assembly and plastics technology under one roof

As an EMS service provider, Leesys is your convincing, reliable and powerful partner for SMD assembly as well as THT assembly of electronic components. Leesys has its own electronics development department, so you can also benefit from our services as an E2MS provider. Leesys offers electronics development and manufacturing, including state-of-the-art automatic optical inspection (AOI), programming, assembly and device assembly including end-of-line functional testing.

Besides the production of complete devices and complex systems you can also choose from the individual E2MS services: Printed circuit board assembly (SMD, THT), component and device assembly, electronics development, programming etc.


Leesys - Your EMS provider from Saxony's smart city Leipzig

Not without pride Leesys can refer to first-class references in the automotive, telecommunications and industrial electronics sectors. In addition to customers from all over Germany, especially Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg, our customers also include customers from Switzerland and the Netherlands. The majority of our customers come from the technological core regions in Germany, such as the Munich, Nuremberg-Erlangen, Berlin and the Stuttgart.