Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

The implementation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in automotive technology is in full swing. Driver assistance systems are additional electronic devices in motor vehicles designed to assist the driver in certain driving situations. In addition to safety aspects, the focus is also on increasing driving comfort and improving economy.

Driver assistance systems are a further step on the way to highly automated or autonomous driving. The driver assistance systems are based on complex structures consisting of sensors and actuators, which are monitored and controlled by appropriate control units. The complexity of this system consisting of various electronic and electrical components must be mastered reliably. This leads to new challenges for the entire automotive industry. Only a safe system architecture in conjunction with the use of safety components will provide the necessary protection to make the driver assistance systems an innovation driver that will enable autonomous driving in the future.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

In this context, it is important to form partnerships between the companies involved in the automotive industry and finally to develop new business models. With over 100 years of experience in the field of communication technology, Leesys GmbH is a sought-after strategic partner for the automotive industry.

Various driver assistance systems in use

Various driver assistance systems are already in use today. For example, emergency brake assistant, parking assistant or lane departure warning system. And they are becoming increasingly popular with drivers - the functionality is convincing. It is more the non-users who are sceptical about driver assistance systems and fear a paternalism.

How ca we contribute to your business success?

In the future, automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers will be successful if they have the necessary know-how in related areas, such as telecommunications.

For the development of driver assistance systems we offer you:

  • Reliable processes to automotive standard ISO/TS 16949
  • Global component sourcing
  • Flexibility in delivery date and quantity
  • Very high level of quality "Made in Germany"


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