Assembly of devices & systems

Assembly of components: Whether it's a single printed circuit board or a complete, sophisticated device assembly - Leesys always advises you as a trustworthy partner: Convincing, powerful and reliable. When assembling modules and systems, Leesys manufactures products according to your individual specifications and quality guidelines.

Everything from a single source

By mapping the entire value chain from material procurement, manufacturing and testing through to delivery to the end customer, Leesys is in a position to produce complete systems of the highest complexity according to customer requirements. The entire assembly of the components as well as quality assurance is carried out at the Leipzig site, highly automated and reliably without manual effort. Benefit from short order times and particularly high flexibility in order processing.

Processes of component assembly

At Leesys, production is carried out on three assembly lines. In addition, the machine park also includes two manual lines on which small quantities can be assembled. Overall, the assembly process is divided into several steps:

Construction and planning
In the course of construction and planning, all measures that serve the purpose of implementation are discussed and determined in close coordination with the customer.

Sample and prototype construction
In this phase of production, defects can be detected early and repaired as quickly as possible. This results in better organised production processes and lower costs.


Serial production
Once the prototype is fully developed, it goes into series production. Leesys has a very well equipped machine park. The majority of all assembly processes are highly automated, enabling Leesys to guarantee its customers a high level of safety and reliability.

Delivery period
Once assembly has been completed, the next process step takes place: delivery. A secure packaging and a logistically well organized delivery ensures that you receive your product as quickly as possible, without any complications.

Leesys offers you a comprehensive range of services at top conditions - the best service from a single source - convincing, powerful and reliable!

What else you can expect:

  • adherence to delivery dates
  • highest quality
  • qualified personnel
  • best service

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