Energy-efficient soldering - investment in a new reflow oven - 05/2019

Energy-efficient manufacturing has already become an important competitive factor today. By investing in energy-efficient machinery and reorganizing the manufacturing facility, a manufacturing company can significantly reduce its energy consumption.

In an SMT production line, around 70 percent of the energy used has to be spent on soldering - and the higher the energy requirement, the greater the savings potential. Therefore, the reflow soldering system, as one of the most energy intensive components of a production line, can make a major contribution to cost savings over the machine utilization period.


Reflow Ofen Leesys


Neben Umsetzung der gestiegenen Anforderungen der Kunden an die Prozesssicherheit ist der Einsatz des neuen Reflowlötsystems bei Leesys ein aktiver Beitrag für ein gesteigertes Umweltbewusstsein.


In addition to helping to reduce energy consumption, increasing demands from customers such as soldering under a nitrogen atmosphere, high variance of board dimensions and thickness, the need for special profiles due to thermally sensitive components at Leesys made investing in a new reflow oven necessary.

The investment in a 12-zone reflow oven from SEHO Systems GmbH covers all these requirements and can meet current and future customer requirements due to its high flexibility in the area of transport system and temperature profiling.
The efficiency of the heat transfer of the new reflow soldering system at Leesys also leads to a significant relief of the indoor air conditioning system.


With the following features, the reflow soldering system boosts productivity and helps Leesys meet current and future customer needs:



  • Manufacturer: SEHO Systems GmbH
  • Type: MaxiReflow 3.6 / 10
  • 12-zone reflow oven + pyrolysis with single-track transport and nitrogen / air design



  • Integrated nitrogen control to ensure the soldering quality when soldering under nitrogen and control of consumption
  • "Quick exhaust" function for a faster change of soldering programs and maintenance status Pyrolysis: Cleaning system integrated into the process chamber -> Contaminants are burnt at approx. 500° C and converted into short-chain molecules -> Reduction of greasy / difficult to clean soiling in the heating zones -> Extension of the maintenance interval
  • Standby function when the system is empty (for example, when changing products) -> Shut down the zone fans to reduce the energy consumption of the fans and heating elements if there are no printed circuit boards in the system (about 1/3 less energy consumption in this status)
  • PCB widths possible from 35mm up to 502mm with active center support solderable / transportable
  • Transport system monitored via Can Bus (transport width, center support width / height) to ensure process stability
  • "LowMassConveyer" transport system, which uses steel cable-tensioned chain guide profiles to ensure absolute parallelism of the transport. This concept allows very low-mass chain guide profiles, which have a minimal heat absorption in the process space
  • High heat transfer -> reduction of cycle time by up to 13 percent
  • energy saving

In addition to implementing customers' increased demands on process reliability, the use of the new reflow soldering system at Leesys is an active contribution to increased environmental awareness.