Leesys granted exciting insights during the Evening Event of Entrepreneurs - 09/2016

entrepreneur evening saxony

The Federation of Entrepreneurs in Saxony invited to visit the Leesys facilities on 22 September 2016. And the members of the important organization joined the invitation. So many entrepreneurs came to the entrepreneur evening in Leipzig Northeast. The CEO of Leesys, Dr. Arnd Karden, opened the evening with the answer to the question: "Start up company with 100 years of experience ... how does that work?".

entrepreneur evening Leesys
entrepreneur evening

Based on a history of nearly 100 years the Leesys company offers the development and manufacture of electronic components and systems, the inspection and testing of the modules, electronics and plastics from a single source, the system assembly and logistics up to the after sales service. "Our vision is a secure hardware for secure communication - Made in Germany", stated Dr. Karden. "We offer specific solutions and EMS services for many applications in the industrial electronics, automotive, telecommunications, smart home and healthcare."
An informative and entertaining tour in the highly flexible electronics factory has been organized in addition and has been accompanied by a communicative "get together" with a snack. The numerous guests of different companies have get to know a high tech factory.
The Leesys team would like to thank you again for visiting!