Leesys Automotive Kolloquium

On 18 August 2017 the second colloquium of the Leesys - Leipzig Electronic Systems took place in Oschersleben. The AUTOMOTIVE colloquium focused on the topic of digitization in the automotive industry.

In terms of digitization, the automotive industry is one of the most innovative and progressive industries. The automotive sector in the year 2025: Software is the new gasoline, which digitizes and links the entire key industry, drives its products autonomously, and democratizes cars.

But what role will man occupy in the changing world and in the factory of the future? This question was addressed to the Managing Director of the Automotive Cluster East Germany (Automotive Cluster Ostdeutschland ACOD), Dr. Jens Katzek in his impulse speech.
With "Digitization and Industry 4.0 - Benefits and Potential of Traceability Solutions", Andreas Tärre, responsible for the warehouse management and material flow system of Leesys, dealt with his lecture. Leesys regards component and component traceability as a MUST in the automotive industry and thus faces the demand for risk minimization and damage prevention or limitation.

By clearly identifying the source of the fault, the products with deficiencies can be recalled. This requires a clear identification of all parts, a comprehensive data source (e.g. databases) as well as a standardized data access. Only in this way is it possible to trace the error back to the point of origin along the entire supply and value chain and to correct it accordingly. Andreas Tärre made it clear that Leesys is taking the growing importance of traceability very seriously and continues to drive it at a very high level for Leesys' customers.

After the lectures, a very lively exchange of experience took place between the individual participants.

lecture warehouse management and material flow Leesys
Automotive Kolloquium Oschersleben
Automotive Kolloquium Boxengasse
Automotive Kolloquium Oschersleben

The end of the day, as at the INDUSTRY Kolloquium in Hockenheim, was the visit to the pit lane of the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben.
For three years, Leesys has been sponsoring the motor sport. Reliable, convincing, powerful - these are both the values in racing and Leesys.

Leesys thanks you for the interest and your visit. We also wish the CarTech Racing Team a successful season and best-time highlights.

See you at the SMART HOME - KOLLOQUIUM in Hockenheim!