EMS - Electronics Manufacturing Services

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) offer the complete contract manufacturing of electronic assemblies, devices and systems. Leesys, as an EMS service provider, covers the process of development and production up to after-sales service.


As a leading EMS service provider, we offer our customers:

  • Development and production of electronic assemblies and systems
  • Checking and testing the assemblies
  • Electronics and plastics from a single source
  • System assembly and logistics


Leesys sees itself as a competent partner for EMS services and excellent consulting. In order to meet the demands of our customers, we attach great value to the continuous training of our employees. This ensures that our specialists have the technical know-how that ultimately benefits our business partners.
EMS services do not only include PCB assembly or various soldering processes. Electronic and optical testing of the assemblies is also essential. We also assemble devices and systems and manufacture plastic housings. We will advise you competently and find the right solution for you.

Leesys offers you outstanding quality "Made in Germany". On 6,500 m² Leesys produces electronics on eight SMT assembly lines with a capacity of 760,000 components per hour. 14 million modules are assembled in this way every year.


EMS - Logistics

Leesys produces in Leipzig - a central location for the EMS industry throughout Europe. Thanks to the consistently high level of automation, we achieve an equivalent cost structure to the Asian market. As an EMS service provider we offer you an optimal service.
Our production site in Leipzig, which is perfectly connected to all transport networks, enables us to provide you with a clear time and flexibility advantage. Furthermore, we work with an excellent industry network, from which we can call on specialists from the entire EMS industry. Logistics at Leesys, EMS Leipzig, functions smoothly. All processes, from distribution to delivery, are monitored responsibly.

Development of the EMS sector

The development of the EMS industry clearly shows that many companies have further developed their competencies. This expansion has opened up completely new niches and business fields in the area of EMS services. The high requirements of customers demand future-oriented thinking from companies. Thus, the standard that Leesys offers is very high.

From product idea to series production

We are able to manufacture and test complete devices based on product ideas or our customers' specifications and to accompany them until the end of the product life cycle.
We offer you competent support with regard to technological, logistical and development-specific questions. We, as EMS service provider, take over partial tasks or the overall responsibility for your development project in the area of EMS services.
Usually projects start with a prototype construction, followed by a so-called pilot series. Then the start of series production begins. EMS service provider Leesys is able to produce both small series from one piece and large series.


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