Leesys invested in another X-ray inspection - 03/2016

Since last October Leesys offers the so-called 3D X-ray inspection. This is predominantly used for products in the automotive industry. By investing into the latest X-ray technology Leesys can satisfy the ever growing quality demands of its customers and guarantee the best possible production quality.


The 3D X-ray inspection system of supplier Goepel Electronic GmbH enables safe quality control of soldering joints in the inline production process for all components within a test run. The BGA soldering joints are located and checked. The relevant parameters are determined for each soldering joint in three levels. Defective soldering joints and voids can then be detected due to the measured values.

3D X-ray
3D X-ray device

With the new system Leesys is able to determine soldering joints on IC pins and 2-pole devices. Thanks to the real-time multi-angle image pickup, the test speed is 40 square centimeters per second (with complete acquisition of the modules). Using the integrated reconstruction process the individual layers of printed circuit boards can be evaluated and thus a reliable detection of all possible defects in the production process is ensured.


The best quality for our customers

Conventional AOI systems are of course also be used, but are overwhelmed when considering hidden soldering joints. Especially in the automotive industry, the X-ray inspection has become a standard, and the customer are setting value on this inspection. Essentially it comes to the quality inspection of all soldering joints.


Lothar Geppert, employee in production technology, explains: "We will test all circuit boards according to the IPC-610 (Institute for Printed Circuit Boards). This standard is used for most of the modules. It describes the preferred and non-compliant states which can be monitored externally and internally on circuit boards." Thanks to the 3D X-ray inspection Leesys can ensure an even higher process reliability and specifically eliminate errors. The optimized result is a logical consequence - short control loops to improve quality and higher customer satisfaction.


Jörg Friedrich, COO at Leesys says: "If individual errors would not be detected, it may result in the worst case to a total failure. Thanks to the new technology, we can avoid that. We have therefore deliberately opted for the 3D X-ray inspection."


Only specialists are approved for 3D X-raying

To run all operations properly, not only the production staff are trained, but also the programmers and service personnel. They take part each year in at least one course in order to stay up to date. The application and operation of the machine requires basic skills. In Leesys around 20 people are employed who have this knowledge and are familiar with the process.


Lothar Geppert is convinced that the 3D X-ray inspection has many advantages. "We are now in a position, to perform a “non-destructive inspection”, to avoid costly production errors", he says.


The machine used in Leesys for X-ray inspection has several features. Thanks to an integrated multi-chamber system with double locks rapid PCB handling is enabled. Using the 3D X-ray image computing the modules can examined in single layers. In addition, an optional AOI integration is possible, so that a maximum of optimal test coverage is guaranteed.


Further functions of the 3D X-ray unit in a glance:

  • full-surface X-ray inspection by scanning images
  • System operation as stand-alone-system (offline)
  • System operation in the production line (in-line)
  • Multi-Angle-Detector (with extremely long lifetime)
  • a closed Microfocus X-ray source
  • large number of AXI test functions
  • a comprehensive component library
  • XI-Pilot System Software
  • Pilot Connect software package