Re-evaluation AEO authorization "Customs Simplifications and Security" successfully passed - 12/2019

With the approval as an "Authorized Economic Operator" (AEO) and therefore being an Authorized Economic Operator, Leesys has a special status: Authorized Economic Operators are considered to be particularly reliable and trustworthy and special privileges can be exercised in customs clearance.

An AEO approved company complies with international customs-related criteria and is thus classified as a reliable trading partner and low risk to supply chain security in the context of customs risk analysis. Important for the status are a functioning organization and logistics in the company as well as the sensitization of the employees to customs and security relevant processes, for example. In addition, special emphasis is placed on a detailed knowledge of the relevant customs regulations. Internal control systems must be put in place to ensure and document that AEO relevant processes are lawfully carried out.



Leesys has been fulfilling these requirements for many years and has now been able to formally prove its own quality standards with the new certificate.

The aim of the AEO licenses is to secure the integrated international supply chain, including the complete "supply chain", from the manufacturer of a product to the end consumer. This requires a worldwide recognition of the AEO status. The EU has therefore already signed agreements with Switzerland, Norway, Japan, the US and China, and more countries will certainly be added.

The AEO status allows Leesys the following facilities for customs clearance:

  • No presentation required at the responsible customs office -> Confidence and self-control of customs goods
  • More separate customs controls
  • In case of a necessary audit, AEO certified companies are preferred



"The status of Authorized Economic Operator within the economy is also seen as a seal of quality that promises competitive advantages. The advantages for our customers are the shortened delivery time for import and export operations. That is why we are very proud to have successfully passed the re-evaluation of the AEO authorization "Customs Simplifications and Safety", says Sebastian Volkmar, Export Control and Customs Officer for Leesys.