Altium Designer Day at Leesys - 01/2017

Altium Designer Day at Leesys

The printed circuit board PCB forms the core of each electronic product. In addition to the housing which is surrounding the PCB, all other ideas, insights and software are incorporated into this core. The design process of a printed circuit board therefore needs to be learned. Only with the right support, the final PCB design fulfills all performance requirements and is cost-effective for production.

This is precisely the focus of the PCB design software Altium Designer. Leesys R & D department has dealt with the product. It quickly turned out that all Leesys employees, who are involved in the development of circuitry and circuit boards, should get an impression of the performance of Altium Designer software.

tour through the electronics factory
tour through the electronics factory Leesys

In order not only to convince Leesys employees of the possibilities of the designer software, other interested companies were also invited to the Altium Design Day at Leesys. From the start-up to long-established companies on the market to smaller EMS service providers, many interested parties followed the invitation.

An informative and entertaining tour through the highly flexible electronics factory following the presentation of the designer software was accompanied by a communicative "get together" at a small snack. Guests have been introduced to an innovative PCB development tool and at the same time to a highly advanced plant for EMS production.

With the purchase of the software, Leesys is expanding its processing base and is thus a competent partner for customers with different designer systems who can optimally use modern technologies, manage projects successfully and create complex, intelligent products.

The Leesys team thanks again for the visit!