Automotive Cluster East Germany - 09/2018


The Automotive Cluster East Germany (Automotive Cluster Ostdeutschland ACOD) invited to Leipzig for its annual congress on 5 September 2018.

The ACOD Congress has become an important industry gathering in recent years. The event will enable a subject-specific, direct exchange of decision makers from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and researchers. This year's focus was on flexible production, digitization, electro mobility and the impact of new technologies.


The production of electric vehicles plays an important role in East Germany - So how can the co-operation of the local supplier industry be increased?What kind of job profiles will be applied in the automotive industry of the future? What concrete changes do the buzzwords digitalization and flexibility suggest?

Dr. Karden CEO Leesys
ACOD Kongress 2018

The opportunities and chances of digitization and the associated increase in product complexity were highlighted by Dr. Arnd Karden, Managing Director of Leesys, during his presentation in the workshop "Digitization".
He pointed out that customers today have more information than ever before. Growing customer demands and the desire for ever new products lead to shorter product life cycles and products that are highly customizable. "Customers do not expect a product, they expect their product!" Arnd Karden said.


This forces companies to adapt existing processes and replace them with much more efficient, digital processes. With the implementation of the complete component traceability, Leesys faces the demands of its customers for risk minimization and damage avoidance or limitation. The experience gained shows that the continuous advancement of digitization is the basis for responding to the speed and unpredictability of today's market

"It is not enough to understand digitalization as the digitization of existing analogue processes. Digitization is becoming a part of the corporate environment and culture, with an open culture of innovation providing the opportunity to engage and encourage employees' innovative thinking", emphasized Arnd Karden in his presentation.

Leesys is pleased to have participated in this important event of the East German automotive industry and to have contributed to the discussion about the digital transformation in the "4.0 age" with a lecture.