The best apprentice in Saxony in 2016 was trained at Leesys - 12/2016

Last week the Managing Director Dr. Arnd Karden honoured Dennis Richter as the best apprentice in the skilled occupations as an electronic technician for industrial systems in Saxony. The young skilled worker Dennis Richter had successfully passed the examination with excellent results in January 2016 and thus concluded his training as an electronic technician for industrial systems.

Electronic technician for industrial systems is a recognized skilled profession in the industry which covers a period of 3.5 years. Leesys invests in the future and thus trains four apprentices in the skilled profession electronic technician for industrial systems. Leesys has coordinated for years successfully in all skilled professions with Siemens Profession Education (SPE), which in this case also functions as a training facility. 

Dr. Holger Pastille, Sylvia Schulze, Dennis Richter, Dr. Arnd Karden (from the right.) at the ceremony

“You have laid the foundation stone for an optimal start in your professional life with you excellent examination results”, Dr. Arnd Karden said during the ceremony. Leesys needs well trained professionals, in order to be able to develop its growth in the further. Leesys offers its employees safe jobs, an above average salary and a wide range of career options.
Dennis Richter supports the Development Department of Leesys as a technical assistant. He is responsible for the preparation of the layout of circuit boards and all prototypes of the Department. His colleagues could be convinced of his skills through the battery charger developed by him for the associated company of Leesys, TeleAlarm Europe GmbH.
The Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Chemnitz, Dresden and Leipzig honoured the most successful young skilled worker of 2016 on 10th November 2016 at a festive ceremony at the Museum for Military History in Dresden.
Stanislaw Tillich, the Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony held the ceremonial address. "With their very good qualifications the successful participants will contribute to continue strengthening Saxony as an innovative business location. I congratulate the young people to their achievement and thank all the companies, which train the future skilled people and have interacted in this success. The successful connection of theory and practice show the strength of our dual vocational training – a decisive advantage for the location in competition with other economic regions”, said the Prime Minister in his address.
The prerequisite for the title as the best was a result of at least 91.5 of 100 possible points as well as the best result from all trainees within an occupational profile.