Leesys supports „genialsozial – Deine Arbeit gegen Armut“ - 06/2015

The campaign “genialsozial” sees itself as a world-positioned project encouraging young people to take on local and global responsibility. The project enables young people working on social projects to make the world a little bit better. Leesys will be involved in the next "action day genialsozial 2015" on July 7, 2015. Students will be offered a job in the industrial sector during the day, and will receive money for their involvement. This money will be transferred from Leesys to genialsozial where it will be used to help many people. The Managing Director of Leesys Dr. Arnd Karden explains: "We support the idea of “genialsozial”. Education and social responsibility are interconnected. Education is extremely important for the sustainable development of our future. From our perspective, the regional reference to schools and students in Leipzig is very important." A day that can make the world just a little bit better, due to the involvement and hard work of the students, and their reward for a day's work brings society closer together.