A day at Leesys - That was "Genial Sozial" - 07/2019

It's the middle of the week, but not a normal day at school: Interested students traditionally work in the electronics production department at Leesys on the last Tuesday before the summer holidays, earning their first pay as part of the Saxony-wide "Genial Sozial" action day.

So also Michelle Vongehr and Melina Hahn from the Leipzig Gustav-Hertz-Gymnasium and Justin Kießling from the Brandiser Secondary School.

With the scanner in hand to scan and read information about the production of printed circuit boards (PCB)or the tester for the functional test - the students worked enthusiastically this year as well. With their white coats, they are not only visibly an integral part of the Leesys production team for one day.


Genial Sozial at Leesys
Genial Sozial 2019

More exhausting than at school was their conclusion, but also interesting. Production Supervisor Viola Günther was satisfied and expressed her great praise: "The students are very dedicated, they ask a lot of questions and they enjoy their work."

The day of action is initiated by the Saxon Youth Foundation. Throughout Saxony, 30,000 young people from 276 schools participate. Leesys is one of many employers in the region who have been employing students from Leipzig's schools for a day. "The young people donate their own wages", explains Lydia Haferkorn, Project Manager of the Saxon Youth Foundation. The amounts of all would then be added and transferred to the foundation.

In principle, 50 percent of the money is spent on various development projects that give young people in poverty-stricken regions a better chance of getting education. 30 percent is dedicated to the participating schools for their own projects and 20 percent of the revenue is used for youth education work with the participants and the organization of "Genial Sozial".