Industrial clerk Jennifer Schleifer completes academic studies - 06/2016

Congratulations to Jennifer Schleifer - with a final grade of a fantastic 1.3, the industrial clerk now possesses the Bachelor of Arts.

Jennifer Schleifer graduated the cooperative study program in Business Economics, which is a combination of theoretical university teaching and practical training in companies. What is special is that the trainees do after 3.5 years two professional qualification degrees: on the one hand the degree as an industrial clerk (IHK), and for the Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration.

industrial clerk

Co-operation partner Siemens Professional Education

For years Leesys is working successfully in all trainings with the Siemens Professional Education (SPE), which acted as a training center in this case. The Leesys GmbH takes over the function of the practice partner and training organization.

Jennifer Schleifer worked since October 2012 in the practical training areas within the company. She run through all the business sectors, she needs to know as an industrial clerk. In addition to the classic commercial and administrative areas, such as logistics, personnel, sales and controlling, she completed internships in production. As this was optional this experience reinforced in particular the holistic understanding with respect to the operative production planning and execution as well as the commercial evaluation of the processes. "Even though I had planned from the beginning for the controlling, of course, I had the opportunity to go through all departments equal." says Jennifer Schleifer. In the Controlling department she felt always very comfortable. At the end of training, the emphasis was placed on the Controlling department to be prepared for the future professional use.

Industrial clerk on duty

Since September 2015 Jennifer Schleifer has a degree as an industrial clerk (IHK). And since October she is under contract with the Leesys. In addition to the start in the professional life she wrote every spare minute on her bachelor thesis. Nevertheless, she was already able to serve her own business areas, and together with her colleagues she was in charge of the new business and took over some existing customers.

She is now looking forward to the summer without trials and without additional training after work: "That was partly quite tiring and you have little leisure time; however, I do not regret the decision for the studies because it was a very exciting time."

Jennifer Schleifer liked most the semester abroad, which she spent in Finnland and completed in Helsinki. Four months in a foreign city, a foreign country, it was a great opportunity and a very special experience. She has not learned Finnish, but her English improved.

Her supervisor Claudia Büchel is very proud of Jennifer Schleifer and raises the high level of training. Actually, Jennifer Schleifer did not "just" a training as an industrial clerk and completed the training easily, but she completed in addition a full university studies and various professional educations for occupational competence. "This is an achievement of which she can rightly be proud of!", Claudia Büchel is convinced.