In-house exhibition Leesys - 03/2015

Since January 1st, 2015, TeleAlarm Europe GmbH, Germany and TeleAlarm SA, Switzerland, are part of the Leesys group. TeleAlarm develops and distributes assisted living technologies, enabling elderly people to live safely, securely and independently in their own homes, and providing peace of mind for them and their family.
The TeleAlarm family of products supports not only individuals in their home, but through the Nurse Call system, assistance is provided to residents living in residential care homes, providing support and reassurance for the residents and staff.
Leesys has taken over the logistics, distribution and repair services for TeleAlarm.  The innovative and quality, which is known and expected from the Leesys name will be an integral part for future development of the TeleAlarm family of products.
The CEO of Leesys GmbH, Dr. Arnd Karden explains: “We know that innovative technology and high quality exists within our Leesys plant, and internal production in Leesys can produce products at a similar cost as the current Asian manufacturers, so we will shift production of the TeleAlarm products to Germany.   We will guarantee the TeleAlarm customers the highest quality “Made in Germany”, and in addition to the highest flexibility.”  
During the first in-house exhibition in Leesys, customers of the TeleAlarm group were able to experience our highly automated manufacturing systems and efficient logistics processes.  The exhibition, which consisted of extensive presentations and a hands-on tour, provided our customers with an opportunity to share their experiences, and to have a better understanding of the Leesys and TeleAlarm synergies.  The TeleAlarm products were the framework of this successful event.