Innovative products successfully transitioned into serial production – 12/2017

TeleAlarm, a subsidiary of Leesys, offers a wide range of equipment for the home call service sector and the nurse call sector. TeleAlarm products enable elderly and physically disabled people to lead an autonomous, independent life in familiar surroundings.

With a view to completing the existing product range with innovative new products, the TA72 and TA74 home emergency call devices were developed by TeleAlarm in close collaboration with Leesys.

home emergency call devices TA72
home emergency call devices TA74

From the outset, the focus was on the simultaneous engineering process. This means development times are shortened through product and process development conducted largely in parallel, product changes during start of production are avoided and there is an overall improvement in the coordination between the product development and process development experts.

TeleAlarm’s TA7x home emergency call devices are a successful practical example of this. The products offer a plethora of product innovations. Right from the design phase, the emphasis was placed on the two functions of “alarm activation” and “communication”, for which the devices must be easy to use at all times. This is true for both emergencies in which patients need to trigger an alarm and during installation, when the service technician wishes to put the device into operation easily and effectively. At the same time, the product offers many innovations, such as quick and easy programming using an intuitive cloud service platform or a choice of different channels of communication.

By being involved in the process development from an early stage the branches of production had the opportunity to guarantee a design that was suitable for production and assembly. As a result production could be launched in a few weeks. There were no late changes arising as the necessary result of the production process in either product. The total number of components for assembly was reduced and the joining directions were standardised.

And the final convincing factor is the reaction of customers: both products met with a superb reception on the market and the different versions are already being mass produced in higher numbers.