Investment in new SMD production line - 09/2016

Investment needs for the future - exactly according to this motto Leesys - Leipzig Electronic Systems GmbH invests to always meet the growing quality and flexibility demands of its customers. Investments have been realized in the updating of an SMT production line, which will be ramped up at the end of October this year in operation.


SMD Line

“We would like to adapt, adopt and improve the value chain processes of Leesys GmbH, to be more efficient. The main objective is to realize smaller lot sizes in the factory and to be able to provide more flexibility to our customer", explains Olaf Laneus, Head of Production Technology at Leesys.

“For our customers, this investment offers obviously many advantages. These include an increased process reliability and faster turnaround times. This means that the modules can be manufactured faster on the required date, because we do not have to run any complicated set-up anymore", Olaf Laneus argues.

The new SMD production line provides many features which make the production processes more efficient.






Everything at a glance:

  • the processing of thin PCBs
  • automatic width adjustment of the entire production line by pressing a button
  • smart doubling of capacity by installing two additional portals
  • 100% traceability down to the component level
  • short set-up times and short lead times


The new SMD production line has equipment of the latest generation. There are a Solder Paste Inspection System (SPI) from Koh Young, a laser for PCB marking from the company ASYS, three SX placement machines by the company ASM, various transport and handling equipment of company ASYS, and a new reflow oven from Vitronics Soltec integrated.


In addition to the performance boost the new production line meets all important process and quality requirements. Based on the concept of the production line Leesys can realize a highly automated production. As a consequence, Leesys can offer to its customers an expanded portfolio.

Investment means learning for the future

“To ensure that all processes run smoothly, we are working only with specially trained personnel. It is obvious that our employees are trained first, so that they know how to deal with the new technology”, says Olaf Laneus.

"We want to proceed with the new investment a further step into the future. We have to be faster and we have to meet the smaller lot sizes. Production planning and control is realized by means of a specific software", explains Olaf Laneus.

Of course Leesys is aware – to realize a long-term success, it is not enough to invest only once. Leesys is constantly evolving and will always offer excellent Electronic Manufacturing Services to its customers. This high quality standard applies to the entire process chain.

If you have any question please contact the Leesys team at any time.