Investment in warehouse management and material flow system – 03/2019

As a manufacturer of electronic devices and components, Leesys attaches the highest priority to process reliability and quality in intralogistics. In order to be able to supply customers on time, manufacturers need reliable material supply around the clock, almost every day of the year. A 24 hour/7 day mode places the highest demands on logistical planning and control.


automatic high-bay warehouse Leesys

In intralogistics, Leesys uses a modular warehouse management and material flow system. All logistics processes are mapped in this system.

An automatic small parts warehouse and a pallet warehouse are used. These warehouses have a capacity of 30,000 containers and 1,700 pallets. The supply of the production with material, the removal of finished products and the disposal of residual materials is fully automatic with the help of an automated guided vehicle (AG V). This is capable of transporting 1,400 containers and 1,000 pallets per day.

The warehouse management and material flow system has the task of mapping, controlling and executing all physical goods movements. All stock-relevant postings are automatically transferred to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Important data for the continuous traceability process is already collected at goods receipt and forwarded to the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) system.

In order to meet the increased requirements of the customers and to keep the warehouse management and material flow system future-proof, the entire technical infrastructure of the warehouse management and material flow system was subjected to a major upgrade. The classic architecture of clustered servers was abandoned. This means that database and application servers are no longer installed on their own physical servers, but are part of a modern Leesys virtualization architecture.

This virtualization architecture is fault tolerant, highly available and hyperkonvergent. OSL's hyperconvergent "Unified Virtualisation Environment" infrastructure covers all relevant virtualisation levels (server + storage + network) and drives the transformation of Leesys' IT infrastructure into a software-defined data centre. This leads to considerably more flexibility, lower costs and ultimately to an increase in operational IT efficiency and is therefore a further step in the development of a requirement-compliant IT landscape with a clear interface design.