Exciting series of events of LBBW Sachsenbank starts at Leesys - 10/2015

LBBW Sachsen Bank auf Tour bei Kunden

The LBBW Sachsenbank is launching a new series of events "With LBBW Sachsenbank on Tour with Customers". To find out what other companies in the region are doing, to get into contact with other medium-sized companies, or simply out of curiosity to exciting companies in the region LBBW Sachsenbank invites to interesting companies, which they know as a customer. LBBW Sachsenbank wants to share the enthusiasm for these customer.

As a kick-off meeting Leesys Leipzig Electronic Systems GmbH was visited. The numerous guests of various companies have come to know an ultramodern factory. After a brief welcome by Mr Oliver Fern, Chairman of the Board of LBBW Sachsenbank, Dr. Arnd Karden, CEO of Leesys, has presented the company Leesys. An informative and entertaining tour of the highly flexible electronics factory was accompanied by a communicative get together over a snack.


LBBW Sachsen Bank bei Leesys
LBBW Sachsen Bank Führung Elektronikfertigung