Leesys Children's Christmas Party - 11/2017

city tunnel Leipzig

For the traditional children's Christmas party, the children of the Leesys employees were looking for secret signs and pictures in the city tunnel in the center of Leipzig this year on an exciting train bingo game (so called “S-Bahn bingo”).

"Armed" with UV lamps and bingo cards was researched next to, in or sometimes over the train stations of the City Tunnel opened in late 2013 for the things that were listed on a map. Eagerly researched, puzzled and finally called "Bingo".


Leesys Children's Christmas Party


After the successful search, the whole team went back to the Leipzig market. There, the chattering crowd separated and with a chocolate Santa Claus and balloon figures in the luggage, the children went home. 

We wish all employees and their parents a nice Advent season.