Industry Kolloquium Hockenheim

On 2 June 2017, Leesys - Leipzig Electronic Systems started its first colloquium in Hockenheim in a year-long series of events.

The rapid growth of cyberspace poses a growing challenge for both companies in general and the insurance industry in particular. The economy fights against hacker attacks, data pioneering, data theft or other forms of cyber attacks. A logical consequence is that the demand for appropriate insurance solutions is growing.

Leesys took up this exciting topic and presented the launch of the INDUSTRY KOLLOQUIUM series of events under the topic of risk management and cyber risk.
As an insurer broker of the Leesys, Marsh GmbH has been active on the topic for many years and has been able to bring interesting aspects to the question "What is the best insurance against cyber attacks?" Lucas Will, Head of Cyber Risk Practice at Marsh GmbH, demonstrated live hacking into a well-known telephone system. He introduced interesting aspects for risk assessment, prevention and requirements for the internal infrastructure, and outlined the crisis management in the event of damage.

It is also important for Leesys to know that the opportunities of Industry 4.0 can be successfully exploited and at the same time the risks can be averted. For this reason, at Leesys last year, the certification audit ISO/IEC 27001:2013 successfully took place for the scope "operation of IT systems to support the production and distribution of electronic assemblies and devices". Martin Ditscherlein, Sales Manager of Leesys GmbH, talked about the motivation of Leesys to start the certification process and reported on the measures implemented in the company. With the successful ISO 27001 certification, Leesys has been able to confirm the effectiveness of existing IT security procedures and establish processes that contribute to the sustainable optimization of the quality of the systems. Compliance with and continuous improvement of ISO 27001 information security standards is an obligation and incentive for Leesys to meet its national and international partners and customers.

At lunch the participants of the colloquium had the opportunity to discuss the lectures of the day. The conclusion of an exciting day was the visit of the pit lane on the Hockenheimring. Leesys is sponsoring the CarTech Racing Team since three years. The motor sport fits perfectly to the brand core of the Leesys - reliable, convincing, powerful. With the greatest possible security, the interested customers and guests were able to experience the Hockenheimring in a Leesys Porsche taxi drive.

Leesys thanks you for the interest and your visit. We would like to wish the CarTech Racing Team a successful season and top results.

See you again at the AUTOMOTIVE - KOLLOQUIUM in Oschersleben!