LOOK INSIDE! into your dream job – 03/2019

What does an electronics technician for industrial engineering or a process mechanic for plastics and rubber engineering actually do?  How do you find a fault on a miniature printed circuit board? And what is actually inside a plastic part that is produced using the sandwich process?
We were able to clarify a few things with the students who visited us on 11 and 12 March 2019 as part of the SCHAU REIN!  vocational orientation campaign run by the state of Saxony. With smocks and overshoes on his feet, Holger Pläging guided the boys and girls through the ultra-modern production of the Leesys.

vocational orientation campaign "SCHAU REIN" at Leesys


Trainee Nico Walther answered questions about troubleshooting on a printed circuit board and how he experiences training as an electronics technician for industrial engineering. He is in his third year of training and will complete it in January 2020. In the production area of the manual assembly of printed circuit boards (THT assembly), the students were able to try out and assemble some components themselves under the supervision of production supervisor Babette Vongehr.

However, the question of the inner lifes of a plastic part could also be clarified in plastics processing. Benno Schirmer, an "old hand" in plastics processing, was able to report that recycled granulate is processed in the core of a plastic part injected using the sandwich process. The pupils were enthusiastic about the ecological process.

Many thanks for your visit! Maybe we will see you again as trainees at Leesys.