As part of the MX tour, Leesys provided insights into the plant – 03/2019

MX-Tour 2019 at Leesys


To compare oneself with others in order to become better oneself requires self-confidence and a certain degree of openness. Leesys proved this openness. As a system service provider for Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services (E2MS), Leesys faced the "Manufacturing Excellence" (MX) competition in 2018. Leesys has answered extensive questionnaires and opened its doors to assessors. In November 2018, Leesys received the MX Award in the "Logistics and Network Management" category. Now, Leesys gave interested experts an insight into its factory organization and took part in the discussion.

The concept of company tours to accompany competition has meanwhile established itself. "The MX Tour offers production specialists the opportunity to experience companies that have won the MX Award live," says Sven Möller, Deputy Chairman of the Manufacturing Excellence Initiative, explaining the special approach. In contrast to classic benchmarking, the assessors also gave experts from non-participating companies an insight into the prizewinners' production processes. In the end, the exchange of experiences would result in a win-win situation for the tour participants and the teams of the category winners.

It was the same this year. In Leipzig a group of about 20 participants started this year's MX Tour at Leesys. Leesys presented its digital version of corporate logistics to the tour participants in an extensive tour of the plant. Traceability is playing an increasingly important role in the electronics industry. Customers are increasingly demanding the ability to uniquely identify and trace any component. This is the only way to limit possible sources of error in the event of a defect and to trigger targeted recall actions. Leesys meets these demands and has therefore expanded its established traceability system to include component traceability. Thanks to the automated recording of all data necessary for traceability, it has been possible to implement an otherwise manual, time-consuming and above all error-prone activity digitally and effectively.

But it goes further: Leesys will continue to expand its secure, flexible and reliable digital infrastructure, refine vertical and horizontal integration and gain a 360° view of the company from the data it collects.

According to the principle "learning from the best" the participants of the MX Tour summarized their impressions in a workshop in the evening, compared them with their own experiences and gave an evaluation for the visited company Leesys. The high degree of automation of the logistics processes and the excellent supplier management were particularly emphasized by the visitors. Light floors and ceilings as well as easily comprehensible production processes were identified as the strengths of the MX Award winner and thus there was, among other things, a dream mark in the evaluation of order, cleanliness and corporate design.