New assembly lines inaugurated - 12/2016

Circuit boards ever thinner, an increasing number of various components in an assembly and ever smaller batches are the current trends in electronic production. The EMS service provider Leesys modernizes therefore a SMD line and emphasizes a more flexible organization of the production.

The entire workforce of Leesys had come together on 5th December 2016 when the partner Steffan Görig together with the Directors Dr. Arnd Karden and Jörg Friedrich commissioned the new SMD Line with the symbolic pressure on the “red button”.  
With this investment in the core competency as a modern service provider for electronic production we will meet the constantly growing claims to quality and flexibility of our customers. This step is important for our future. Production technology which is more efficient and above all more flexible is demanded today“, thus did Jörg Friedrich, Managing Director of Leesys GmbH explained the new production concept of Leesys GmbH.

The new SMD line has many functions available which could design the processes in production more efficiently.

Dr. Arnd Karden, Steffen Görig, Jörg Friedrich (from the right) on the day of inauguration

Everything at a glance

  • Processing of thin circuit boards
  • Central, automatic width adjustment of the entire line with the tap of a button
  • Doubling the capacity with the installation of a portal for each automatic
  • Traceability that is 100% traceability till the level of the components
  • Short setting-up times and short throughput-times
  • Self-correcting soldering paste printing through closed loop Technology
  • Flexible marking of the circuit boards through the most modern laser technology
  • Flexibility through modular head and portal system
  • Nitrogen-capable reflow oven
  • Inline 3D- soldering joints - AOI (Automatic Optic Inspection)



The new SMD Line possesses equipment of the latest generation. A soldering paste printer (DEK) of the company, for the circuit board plates-labelling of the company ASM, a Solder Paste Inspection System (SPI) of the company Koh Young, a laser on the circuit-board-labelling of the company Asys, three SX assembling machines of the company ASM, various transport and handling equipment of the company Asys and a new reflow oven from the company Vitronics Soltec were integrated. 

The retrofitting on a new production batch consists above all from the provision of the required components and the entry of assembly data. A major part of the retrofitting requires the exchange of the components supply station (feeder) with the SMD components for the next order. Till now it had to take place before the assembly. The higher equipment capacity of the new module allows a retrofitting for the next order already during the production of the old batch, so that the plant does not have to stand still.

A further benefit in the installation of further portals in the production is the increased processing speeds from currently 51,000 to a maximum of 120,000 components per hour. The higher equipment capacity of the new assembly machines is also oriented towards the increasing number of various components. If till now 100 to 120 diverse components of each assembly had to be mastered, now 200 or more on the agenda. Here the assembly heads have to deal with very small components (minimal size of the component 01005) or even very large elements like plugs, transformers, BGA’s with a maximum measurement of 78mm x 78mm and 110mm x 10 mm for example for the power electronics.  With the continuously increasing miniaturizing the requirements of the accuracy of the assembly increases also. The accuracy of the assembly had increased from 80µm to 55µm in 4 sigma. The higher flexibility is ultimately also required in the processing of untypical component geometry and when processing the circuit boards with a strength of 0.3 mm to 4.5 mm.


“With the inauguration of the new production line today we are approaching our target a decisive step closer to be a reliable, flexible and long-term partner for our customers”, said Dr. Arnd Karden, Managing Director of Leesys GmbH.