"Look inside!" - Open House Week - 03/2017

driverless transport system

"And what do you want to be later?" Which student does not know this question? The answer to this is often not easy, because the selection of training professions is huge.

The action "Look inside! - Week of Open Companies Saxony" helps pupils from the 7th grade in the professional orientation. From the 13th to the 17th of March, 2017, they were able to look behind the scenes of Saxon companies and get to know their professional training.

Leesys has also participated.

In the state of the art, the pupils were introduced to the technical training courses in electrical engineering for process engineering and process mechanics for art and rubber technology.

Nils Hoeber, the young skilled worker, informed the pupils first-hand about the training as an electronic technician for business technology and came into conversation with them. In this way, the pupil's first own experiences were exchanged with electronics. The question could also be clarified as to why the white coats and the strange shoes are so important in electronics manufacturing.

Nils Hoeber informed the pupils about the training as an electronic technician
Benno Schirmer demonstrated the production of plastic parts

There was a great deal of interest in the many automated workflows. The screw-on units, the cardboard flaps, the hearing aid for the telephone receivers and of course the driverless transport system were amazed. "Yellow Cabs" knew most students so far only from the television and then only as a taxi for humans. At Leesys they transport material through the production halls, apparently by themselves.

In plastics processing, Benno Schirmer, a member of the Plastics Engineering Department, presented the training as a process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology and demonstrated the various processes involved in the production of plastic parts. At the same time, tremendous forces are exerted and, in seconds, finished housing parts from the injection molding tools are dropped.

The students listened particularly closely to Norbert Kuhn from the Siemens Professional Education Training Center (SPE) following the tour of production. He had many interesting things to tell about the vocational school. The vocational school is an important part of the training, as it forms and communicates the theoretical background knowledge for the professional language.

After the successful events within the "Look inside! - Week of Open Companies", Leesys is now looking forward to numerous applications and meeting again the pupils to have an interview.

"Look inside" - missed?

"Look inside!" week missed? Then get to know us in the context of a student training! There you will learn how the professional training at Leesys runs, which skills and abilities you should bring for the training and how it feels to work at Leesys.