Porsche Sports Cup - Sports sponsorship Leesys - 02/2016

Porsche racing series

The Porsche Sports Cup is an important event for Leesys. As in the past year, the company relies on its own motorsport team: In the "Porsche Sports Cup" series, a "Leesys" 997 GT3 Cup from the CarTech Racing Team will also be racing in 2016. The race series is aimed at ambitious and passionate pilots. Why the EMS provider places on sports sponsoring, explains the CEO Dr. Arnd Karden: "We are focused on sport sponsorship in the automotive racing. This is due to the fact that we are doing marketing very close to our brand values. When we repositioned our marketing strategy two years ago, we first looked at the brand values. Our employees have characterized the Leesys brand values in three words: Reliable, convincing and powerful. And that is exactly what we associate with the car racing. Only if the driver and the racing car harmoniously, convincingly and efficiently harmonize together the team can succeed."

Leesys Porsche Sports Cup
Porsche Sports Cup 2016

Leesys at the Porsche Sports Cup

In the various races of the Porsche Sports Cup on German and European racetracks good placements were achieved. But networking is also important within the racing community. The Porsche Sports Cup then celebrated the great season finale at the Hockenheimring in October 2015. Exciting races and runners-up, full starter fields and many visitors ensured that the event was going well. And so the "Leesys" -project will be part of the "Porsche Sports Cup" in the 2016 season, as the passion for sports on four wheels is unbroken , And the speed of the racing cars fits perfectly with the values of Leesys: whoever offers the ultimate perfection and the highest quality will ultimately be the winner!

Porsche and racing fans!

The racing series Porsche Sports Cup has been offering all supporters of the well-known German cars the opportunity to experience these rear-wheel-drive sports cars for 20 years now. The Cup is an independent event package that allows both racing cars and modified  cars to be used. In exciting series ambitious and passionate pilots face the motor sporting challenge.














Porsche Sport Cup - dates 2016:


  • 21.05. – 22.05.2016 Hockenheimring, GER
  • 04.06. – 05.06.2016 Red Bull Ring, AUT
  • 09.07. – 10.07.2016 Nürburgring, GER
  • 13.08. – 14.08.2016 Oschersleben, GER
  • 10.09. – 11.09.2016 Spa-Francorchamps, BEL
  • 10.09. – 11.09.2016 Spa-Francorchamps, BEL
  • 22.10. – 23.10.2016 Hockenheimring, GER