Resource protection certificate presented to Leesys - 12/2018

In order to cover the world's current resource requirements, 1.7 earths would actually be needed. However, since only this planet is available, the goal must be to make better use of existing resources. All the possibilities offered by environmental technologies must be exploited. This is the only way to conserve resources, the climate and the environment.

resource protection certificate 2017



Every year, Leesys' recycling activities save a large amount of valuable primary resources and greenhouse gases.  For the year 2017, the independent studies of the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT Leesys confirm a saving of more than 907 tons of resources and an additional 128 tons of greenhouse gas through the recycling of various recyclable materials.

Leesys is looking forward to continuing to promote resource and thus also environmental and climate protection in the coming years.