Training Electronics Engineer for Industrial Engineering - 01/2016

Leesys is committed to the future and therefore offers the following professional education:


  • Training electronics engineer
  • Training technician for plastic and rubber technology
  • Industrial buyers with a dual degree course in Bachelor of International Management
  • Bachelor of Engineering


What is an electronics engineer doing?

In essence, he installs, maintains and repairs components from the fields of automation, power supply and industrial equipment.

What happens during the training?

The professional school is an important part of the training, as it forms and communicates the theoretical background knowledge for the professional career. The trainee learns electro technical systems, analyzes controls and is familiarized with the devices and assemblies in plants.

At Leesys there is the possibility to translate the theory directly into the practice

Most important are the compliance with all safety precautions and a good work organization. This is especially important at Leesys. Of course, a competent and trusting charisma also plays a role - especially in customer support.

"Hard Facts" - training electronics technician for business technology:

Electronics Engineer for Industrial Engineering is a 3.5-year-old recognized professional training in industry. The training also takes place in the craft sector.

What is required is technical understanding and interest in electronics. In addition, craftsmanship and mathematical knowledge are also important prerequisites that must be brought along.
The training is divided into several parts, there is a core and a specialist area. In the core area, trainees learn the same from all industrial electrical trades. The particular specialist qualifications are trained in the specific departments, e.g. how to change or extend equipment of the operating plant.

"Training electronics Engineer for operation technology" - further requirements:

As a matter of fact, there are no school requirements for the professional electronics engineer for industrial engineering. In the past, more than two-thirds of the trainees had completed the General Certificate of the Secondary School, as the Federal Institute for Professional Education and Training has calculated. Approximately a quarter of the first-year students were starting with the Diploma of the Secondary School (Abitur), the remaining with other certificates.

Training Electronics Engineer for Industrial Engineering

Also this year, four young workers have successfully passed their exam. Leesys wishes a good start into the professional career!