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As an Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider Leesys is offering design and production of electronic devices and systems, inspection and testing of devices, electronic and plastic parts from one source under the same roof, assembly of devices and logistics services up to after sales services.


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Mario Nowack, Project Manager ABSOLUT

Interview: Mario Nowack

Project Manager ABSOLUT, Leipzig Transport Authority (Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH, LVB)
Mario Nowack is the Project Manager for the project ABSOLUT.

Mini buses without drivers, which can be ordered by mobile phone: This should be a reality in Leipzig in two years. The Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB) is planning to implement the ABSOLUT project, a test route between the suburban read more...

Genial Sozial at Leesys

It's the middle of the week, but not a normal day at school: Interested students traditionally work in the electronics production department at Leesys on the last Tuesday before the summer holidays, earning their first pay as part of the Saxony-wide "Genial Sozial" action day.

So also Michelle Vongehr and Melina Hahn from the Leipzig Gustav-Hertz-Gymnasium and Justin Kießling from the Brandiser Secondary School.


Business Intelligence

The traditional use of Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) like SAP is no longer enough to analyze data and, above all, it takes a lot of time. For companies, however, it is particularly important in times of digitization due to increasing competition and cost pressure to filter out relevant key figures from the data volume and present them as clearly as possible in order to be able to make important management decisions within the read more...


The tournament, in which players become heroes, outsiders become favorites and teams become legends, took place on 15 June 2019 in the sports performance center of the professional soccer team Eintracht Frankfurt.

Chip 1 Exchange GmbH & Co KG, the leading distributor of electronic components, brought together the "Who's Who" of the electronics industry for the eighth time to experience read more...

Reflow Ofen Leesys

Energy-efficient manufacturing has already become an important competitive factor today. By investing in energy-efficient machinery and reorganizing the manufacturing facility, a manufacturing company can significantly reduce its energy consumption.

In an SMT production line, around 70 percent of the energy used has to be spent on soldering - and the higher the energy requirement, the greater the savings potential. Therefore, read more...

Hr. Friedrich, Hr. Görig, Hr. Dr. Karden (v.l.n.r)


With strong roots as a stable foundation, vigorous shoots are also found in new places.
In the twentieth year following the opening of the Hertzstraße location, Leesys celebrated the move from the Leipzig location on the Melscherstraße to Leipzig-Heiterblick to the edge of the city in early April 2019.

The employees can look back on twenty successful years on Hertzstraße. Since the start of business phone read more...

SMT Leiterplattenbestückung Leesys

Girls often want to be a businesswoman or a hairdresser. Businesswomen work in shops and sell things. For example, clothes or food. Hairdressers cut and dye hair. But there are many more jobs. Occupations that girls may be good too. But they have not thought of. For example, occupations where men often work. Like a computer scientist or carpenter. Computer scientists work on how computers work. Carpenters build furniture such as shelves or read more...


To compare oneself with others in order to become better oneself requires self-confidence and a certain degree of openness. Leesys proved this openness. As a system service provider for Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services (E2MS), Leesys faced the "Manufacturing Excellence" (MX) competition in 2018. Leesys has answered extensive questionnaires and opened its doors to assessors. In November 2018, Leesys received the MX read more...


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Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) at Leesys

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) is the contract manufacturing of electronic assemblies and systems. All necessary processes are covered by the EMS service provider, from material procurement to printed circuit board assembly (SMD assembly, THT assembly), automatic optical inspection (AOI), electrical testing, programming, component and device assembly, end-of-line functional testing, logistics and after-sales services.
Many EMS providers continue to evolve into E2MS providers (Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services) by building up their own development department to offer additional electronics development and hardware design services.


Electronics development, PCB assembly and plastics technology under one roof

As an EMS service provider, Leesys is your convincing, reliable and powerful partner for SMD assembly as well as THT assembly of electronic components. Leesys has its own electronics development department, so you can also benefit from our services as an E2MS provider. Leesys offers electronics development and manufacturing, including state-of-the-art automatic optical inspection (AOI), programming, assembly and device assembly including end-of-line functional testing.

You can also choose from the individual E2MS services: Printed circuit board assembly (SMD, THT), component and device assembly, electronics development, programming etc.


Leesys - Your EMS provider from Saxony's smart city Leipzig

In addition to customers from all over Germany, especially Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg, our customers also include customers from Switzerland and the Netherlands. The majority of our customers come from the technological core regions in Germany, such as the Munich, Nuremberg-Erlangen, Berlin and the Stuttgart.